The focus of Legends and Idols is creativity; a big subject that encompasses whatever I want to explore.This website will be heavy on art and music but will navigate the variety of imaginative projects that people conceive, fabricate, construct, perform, and generate. I am Willard Snow I draw, paint, and sculpt. I work at my computer mixing up photos and art, filtering and mashing it all together. My insatiable curiosity drives me to continually scope out my surroundings for inspiring people and ideas. I create and I talk about what others create because that is what is important to me.

At heart I am an abstract artist experimenting with patterns, textures, and forms that have been catalogued in my sub- consciousness throughout a lifetime.

Legends and Idols Portraits

The execution of the Legends and Idols portraits was catalyzed by the suggestion of a friend. I say catalyzed because all the ingredients were ready, mixed, and waiting to be actualized. The portraits are a synthesis or convergence of my love of music, my regard for the poster art of the 60’s, my education and appreciation  for fine art printmaking.

Legends and Idols Guitar Town Guitars

The exhibition of the Legends and Idols  portraits around Los Angeles lead to the creation of four 10ft tall “Les Paul Guitar” reproductions for the Gibson Guitar Town Museum in West Hollywood California.

Electric Guitars And Musical Instruments

I am now engaged in the continued production of the Legends and Idols paintings as well as jewelry, sculpture, multimedia art, and other projects The most important and most exciting is my collaboration with Bunny Nose Guitars in West Hollywood, CA. Bunny Nose produces Fender Telecaster & Esquire Style guitars. Together we are creating psychedelic finishes and custom pick-up configurations. All the guitars are made with the best licensed parts, pick-ups, necks, and are built and set up to be played.

Bunnynose guitars Telecasters Esquires Fender Telecaster Fender Esquire Style Guitars

Come back  to my website often to see what I’m working on and what creative ventures have caught my attention.