Gretsch Snare

 Last Fall I had the pleasure of meeting the Drummer, Producer, Best Selling author and Motivational Speaker Mark Shulman. This is Mark Schulman and I, together at the NAMM show in Anaheim California in January 2017. For those who may not be aware, Mark is a renown drummer and celebrity speaker. Mark recently returned from a European tour with P!NK. And is now back on the road on a another World Tour P!nks “Beautiful Trauma Tour”. Mark is known for touring with iconic acts such as Foreigner, Velvet Revolver, Beyonce, Cher, Stevie Nicks, and others! Mark is also an author and highly sought after motivational speaker. Mark Schulman was introduced to me by my good friend, Mark Knudson

Mr. Schulman was very excited about my art and he asked me to paint a Gretsch Rosewood Snare Drum which was given to him by the Gretsch drum company. The following pictures are the progress of the Project to delivery to Mark at SIR Rehearsal Studio in Hollywood last January. I have developed a theme of Air, Fire, Earth, and Water progressing around the drum shell in a sort of metamorphic-biomorphic abstract style.

During the painting of the drum, I was approached to paint a number of guitars and I suspended work on the snare for a while. Five guitars later, I have created a process and had a professional looking fine art finish Mark’s snare.

Here is the beginnings of this project with the final product in the following post.

The following videos are time-lapse images of me blocking out the underpainting and doing dome detail work as I finish parts of the image. 

If you are not familiar with Mark’s drum playing check out the following videos. See his lively chops and radiant live performance with Pink. His style demonstrates an exuberant attitude for the art of drumming, his ardor for music, and his smashing connection with his audience.

Something New @markyplanet is getting a new snare drum from @legendsandidols here’s the start

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Have a look at the folowing timelapses and pictures of the project so far.



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